Month: May 2016

Setting up an automatic multi-zone home irrigation system

FWF807BIOVP5WGF.SMALL.jpgThe goal of this ible is to show you how to set up an automated garden irrigation system. If you have a single area to water (be it square or a long wrap around), you most likely have to soaker hose or a sprinkler that goes directly where you need it. The focus Here will be on setting a complex syst…
By: MakinThings

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Pink Chicken Coop

F01O12CIOVP5V0X.SMALL.jpgMy wife decided she would like to get 2 chickens, so we needed a chicken coop. As we didn’t have th money to buy one, we went around looking for pallets. We found all sorts of different sized ones, and I found a crate type pallet at the mechanics down the road they said we could have. That became th…
By: aespie-whitburn

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Easy BLT Sandwich

FJXU0BDIOVRA2C1.SMALL.jpgBacon, bacon, bacon, are you hungry for some bacon? Bacon, bacon, bacon, are you hungry for some bacon? I know I am! Who doesn’t like a good ole fashioned BLT? From Wikipedia – “According to food historian John Mariani, it is the second most popular sandwich in the US, after the ham sandwich, and a …
By: In The Kitchen With Matt

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Arduino | 37 in 1 Sensors Kit Explained

F1CAQF5IOT2Z5CQ.SMALL.jpgHi there, Arduino enthousiasts!In this Instructable I will be explaining the basics about all the individual sensors in the “37 In 1 Sensors Kit For Arduino”.Every Step will contain a tiny bit of information about one sensor and a basic code will be provided.Most of the codes use a LED on pin 13.The…
By: RGBFreak

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DIY/Custom Sports Knee Pads

FY0SYP5IOVPOCGG.SMALL.jpgOk so this is going to be a rather short instructable as these DIY knee pads are very impractical to build unless you already have the materials at hand or can obtain them for little to no money. If you were to buy the materials new they would probably cost much more than a decent set of pads(Discla…
By: TheHeadShotNinja

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Protect your screen door from your dog.

F7CNYD8IOT307VJ.SMALL.jpgI wanted to come up with a protection screen to mount over the regular sliding screen door. My new dog was tearing holes and sometimes pushing right through the screen. Measure Measure the width of the screen door, and measure how high your dog could push on the screen. This way you can make yo…
By: chadderby

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Raspberry Pi – Visual Touchpad / Second Display

F1ZN7NOIOVP5Q3H.SMALL.jpgThis instructable will show how to add a small (usually SPI based) touch screen to almost any pi project and mirror the HDMI out to it as a secondary display. We will also show how to accept touch input on this second display. This can replace the external mouse and lets us use the small LCD as a vi…
By: boffinry

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FXCP4SQIOVR9Y72.SMALL.jpgEmbedding metal object inside 3D Printed parts is certainly a practice that solve several assembly problems and achieve an higher performance level of our printed objects in terms of: ease of use, clean look as well as higher strength to mechanical stress. The technique to create objects in this way…
By: theGHIZmo

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