IoT PiRadio/Alarm using Cayenne.

FRFC1FOIUOHMZXK.SMALL.jpgHi again!This time I’m here to present you a very simple project, however a very funny one.Two years ago when I have bought my first raspberry pi, I had done an Internet PiRadio where I could listen to some foreign radios.Today I had done a little more! I had removed my LCD showing what radio statio…
By: duartejm

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How to Make a Pendant Light From a Whiskey Bottle

F9JW1AHIUOHZ16I.SMALL.jpgLearn how to make a pendant light! Watch my video tutorial below. Gather Your Supplies Having the right tools makes all the difference.To Cut the Bottle: Wet SawDiamond Blade (Here’s the link to the one I used)BottleTo Make Pendant Light Cut Bottle (or other vessel)Pendant light kitPlugWire strip…
By: DIYwithCaitlin

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Injured Zombie Waitress Tutorial

FEPXB1EIUOHYYR1.SMALL.jpgIn this tutorial I show you how to achieve this Zombie Makeup, and I also show you how to create a wound using nothing but a non toxic glue stick! The best part is you can Zombify anything, so it’s a perfect last minute tutorial!Please Subscribe to my YouTube Channel for more videos. 🙂
By: JennaJMac

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Making a Silicone Mold “zombi Head”

F9EXOQ4IUOHMSB8.SMALL.jpg Hi, my name is Ken and this is my first Instructable. Today I will be showing you how to make a silicone jacket mold. This is a silicone mold that will have a hard casing around it to help it keep it’s shape. our mold today will have a plaster jacket. A jacket mold is a little more time consuming…
By: kenfigured

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How to Change Guitar Strings on a Electric Guitar

FIXS7LDIUOHO4XU.SMALL.jpgThis is a simple step by step process that will show you how to change your electric guitar strings fast and correctly. By following this process your guitar will sound fresh, will maintain proper neck tension, and will be ready for performance. All you will need is… Guitar strings of choice Cl…
By: athom0627

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